City of Tilburg

Brief presentation

Tilburg is the Dutch Municipality focal point for the Includ-EU project, implemented in the entire region of Hart van Brabant (The Heart of the Region Brabant). This region is located in the South of the Netherlands and is comprised of 11 municipalities, with Tilburg as the largest with 220.000 inhabitants. In 2020, Hart van Brabant welcomed 327 migrants with resident permits, and in 2021, this number is expected to rise to 669 new arrivals to the region. The majority of migrants who are welcomed to the region are Syrian and Eritrean.

Actions within the project

  • The mapping of individual qualities and characteristics and subsequent development of a personal integration plan;
  • participants have an overview of their integration program and feel they are the owners of their personal integration plan;
  • participants have a clear picture of their perspective in the Netherlands and their integration program is closely tailored toward this vision and their personal goals;
  • participants have good knowledge of their duties, responsibilities and capabilities as residents of Hart van Brabant;
  • participation in voluntary work, work experience and/or internships;
  • participants build a social network;
  • participants are activated toward the Dutch language and active participation and are empowered toward self-sufficiency at the end of 26 weeks.



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