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The project will be implemented by IOM, AER and regional and local authorities in the target countries.

Target countries


International Organization for Migration – IOM: UN related agency with 174 Member States, it is committed to managing migration for the benefit of all.

Assembly of European Region – AER: Independent interregional organisation with over 150 members from 32 countries, dedicated to foster interregional co-operation and to voicing regional interests at EU level.

In the framework of the Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Catalan Government, the DG for Migration, Asylum and Anti-Racism is the entity responsible for the development and implementation of public policy on integration in Catalonia.

The City of Tilburg is located in the southern province of North Brabant (The Netherlands). It collaborates with educators, healthcare institutions, entrepreneurs and social institutions to develop robust integration solutions, with a focus on language training and social participation.

The Region of Crete (Greece), represented in the Committee of the Regions (CoR), is committed to integration, health and social services.

Anci Toscana (Italy) is the regional branch of the National Association of Italian Municipalities. It gathers 274 Municipalities, the metropolitan city of Florence and the Union of Municipalities and coordinates local integration activities.