Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Catalan Government

Brief presentation

The Department of Equality and Feminisms is a division of the Government of Catalonia. It is responsible for equality and accessibility policies, effective equality at work as well as rights guarantees and non-discrimination; LGBTI and women policies; promotion and defence of human, policitial and civil rights; immigration and asylum policies.

Within this framework, the DG for Migration, Asylum and Anti-Racism is the executive body responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating equality, migrations, and support policies.

These policies focus on inter-culturalism; they promote a positive vision of social diversity around a shared public culture based on respect for fundamental democratic values. Under this perspective, the DG for Migration, Asylum and Anti-Racism is committed to making a country that works for everyone, fosters inclusion and encourages coexistence. Their policies sustain the interaction of all people regardless of their country of origin, and fight against all kinds of discrimination based on origin, religion, or race.

Actions within the project

  • Mapping of good practices in Catalonia concerning post-arrival care, inclusion to the labour market, education, housing and active participation and social inclusion of migrants;
  • contribution to the networking with other partners from the project;
  • contribution to the assessment of training and capacity building needs in Catalonia;
  • participating in the seminars, webinars, and workshops organized within the project;
  • contributing to the exchange of good practices in the various fields;
  • designing and implementing a pilot action aiming to improve the social inclusion of former unaccompanied migrant girls, while preventing gender-based violence.


Website: Departament d’Igualtat i Feminismes

Focal point: Marlen Niubó – [email protected]