Coordinating support actions for Ukrainian refugees

Maramures County is situated in the NW of Romania having 650 km of border with Ukraine, and faced challenges of refugees’ crisis since the beginning of the conflict that disturbs the normal life in Ukraine.

A working group for crisis management was created, involving representatives of Maramures County Council (MCC), Prefecture and Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and coordinated at the county level all supporting actions for Ukraine and for refugees, facilitating their stay or transit through Romania. The County Council had a facilitator, coordinator and supporter role towards the many grassroots initiatives. Maramures County Council allocated 300.000€ for supporting Ukrainian refugees in cooperation with local NGOs, and 200.000€ euro for sanitary materials and medicine in cooperation with local hospitals;
A camp of tents and containers for refugees was set up in Sighetu Marmației Stadium, with a capacity of 128 places for the rapid accommodation, and 3 logistics centres were established in Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmației and Halmeu, managing donations received from local, national and international donors, including regions twinned with Maramureș. More than 70 trucks with humanitarian convoys transported tons of goods and essential supplies to the twinned regions from Ukraine, Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk.

The Integrated Assistance and Support Center/Blue Dot for refugees and their children was established at Sighetu Marmației border point based on the UNICEF concept. More than 20,000 people/month were assisted by the Blue Dot teams, where hundreds of young professionals and volunteers worked day and night. At Blue Dot, Ukrainian refugees received free railway transport in Romania, 2 free international railway corridors, free internet via WiFi network, free mobile cards & internet valid in UE&UA, free accommodation, meals and transport offered by local and national companies under the coordination of Maramures County Council, free COVID 19 testing and free medical care in local hospitals.

Main activities carried out in Maramures for Ukrainian refugees:

  • Employment solutions for people who choose to stay longer in Maramures discussed in several meetings with refugees, organized by Maramures County Council with local companies, NGOs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Employment Agency, presenting employment conditions and opportunities. More then 200 people from UA found jobs in Maramures.
  • Inclusion of Ukrainian children in the educational system. According to Maramureș County School Inspectorate, around 200 children were included in the education system of the Maramureș County, in classes with a teaching program in the Ukrainian language
  • Summer camp for children from conflict zones in Ukraine: Maramures hosted 12 children settled in the city of Tyachiv in the Transcarpathian Region, accompanied by 2 Ukrainian teachers, for 1 week in July 2022.
  • On August 24, 2022- Independence Day of Ukraine, Maramures County Council organised in Baia Mare the event “Chain of Solidarity with the Ukrainian twinned regions”, expressing encouragement and support for our neighbours, in their fight for freedom and peace. Over 300 Ukrainian refugees, local volunteers, representatives of public authorities and from the twin regions Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk attended the event.

The presentation shared at the Includ-EU workshop 5 is available under this link

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