Council of Europe: WE CAN Toolkit for human rights speech

The “WE CAN for human rights speech” project implemented by a consortium led by the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech and Co-operation Unit developed tools and training to fight hate speech more efficiently.
The toolkit includes

  1. a tool for analysing hate speech: to analyse a case of hate speech using the criteria and recommendations from the UN Rabat Plan of Action and identify what would be the most appropriate response.
  2. a tool to develop human rights-based speech: step-by-step explanations on how to develop human rights-based counter and alternative narratives to hate speech.
  3. a communication strategies tool: to help activists and NGOs not only to plan their counter narrative or alternative narrative campaigns based on human rights values and principles, but also be a guideline on what to do – and really, urgently, not to do.

The presentation shared at the Includ-EU workshop 2 is available under this link

Website of the We Can! Toolkit:

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