Hello Europe

Hello Europe is an Ashoka initiative that aims to become a collective voice of innovative citizen solutions in the field of migration by (1) scaling proven solutions, (2) bridging the gap between social entrepreneurs and the public and policy sector, and (3) changing the narrative from migrants as takers, to migrants as makers.

In a world where more people are on the move every day whether to escape wars, to seek security in the face of climate change, or to reach out for new opportunities. Europe, Western Europe in particular, is a popular destination for migrants. Democracy and economic prosperity are considered to be attractive attributes for those who are looking for a new place to live or to find a refuge. In contrast to these developments, the migration-related sector and processes for these transitions seem slow to change. Moreover, migration is seen as a polarizing topic, with old narratives about otherness and a lack of consideration for resentments and fears, creating a downward spiral of new prejudices.

Across sectors, there is a desire for new approaches that dismantle siloes, bring innovation, involve final users in decision-making, and develop solutions that can be scaled widely. Thus, employment and entrepreneurship taken up by migrants hold the opportunity for rapid change and successful intercultural societies.

At the outbreak of the pandemic, Hello Europe gathered its community of social entrepreneurs to work on the design of an innovative collective response to the migration challenges posed by COVID-19. The result has been a multi- faceted blueprint for rethinking and transforming the way migration is managed and conceived based on impactful and proven solutions that address the different phases of the migration journey. A key aspect to all of these solutions is the aim to recognize and further activate migrants and citizens as changemakers, with the confidence and tools to create and lead change in their communities.

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