MicroLab, support to micro-enterpreneurship for vulnerable people

The MicroLab Association has been active in Italy since 2003, it is a non-profit organization, it exclusively pursues purposes of social solidarity, bringing benefits to people who are at a social and economic disadvantage. MicroLab promotes the development of self-employment through projects and activities concerning financial literacy and trainings of young entrepreneurs, supports the creation and development of micro-enterprises and encourages the enhancement of micro-credit as an instrument of social and financial inclusion.

MicroLab assists and supports, through its network of volunteer Mentors, the birth and development of micro-enterprises, small commercial initiatives and other initiatives carried out by subjects who, if not adequately supported, risk remaining marginalized from economic and social life. It does so via mentoring and training.

Mentoring: MicroLab offers the possibility to get support free of charge from a mentor who, thanks to their professional and personal experience, is able to provide valuable support during the various phases of starting up and developing a business. The support can take place either at the startup phase or at the business growth phase. At the startup phase the mentor supports pre-launch business activities such as the study of the business idea, support for business plan drafting, market research, etc. At the business growth phase, the mentor provides support for the assessment of business progress, identification of new growth opportunities and corrective actions for any critical issues.
Mentoring is a growth path based on mutual trust that is created between two people: the more experienced mentor and expertise, and the mentee.

MicroLab’s academy provides courses and useful resources available online to keep up with the times on startup and business development, money management and job orientation.
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