Presentation of Valencian Migration Strategy 2021 – 2026

The Valencian Strategy on Migration was developed during the year 2020 through a participatory process in which various actors such as the regional government and non-governmental organizations working in the area of migration and also with refugees were involved, as well as with associations of migrants.

The strategy was launched by the Regional Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies, from the General Directorate of Equality in Diversity. It was developed as an answer to the need for a human rights-based approach to policymaking, and a holistic approach to guarantee the rights of migrants, promote social cohesion and promote diversity as a value that enriches our society. Prior to this, the existing legislation was based on a paternalistic approach and focused on assimilation rather than integration.

The Valencian Migration Strategy is organised around five priorities. It aims to:

  1. Develop an institutional framework that responds efficiently to the migratory reality in the Valencian Community.
    1.1. Adapt the regulations to the migratory reality in the Valencian Community.
    1.2. Have the appropriate organizational structure and processes for the care of migrants.
    1.3. Improve the training of personnel providing public services to the migrant population.
  2. Ensure the exercise of rights and equal access to public services by migrants.
    2.1 Ensure standardized access to public services and services and facilitate reception and mediation.
    2.2 Design services and programs to meet the specific needs of adolescents and young migrants.
    2.3 Ensure attention to the specific needs of migrant women.
  3. Facilitate access to employment and decent housing for the migrant population.
    3.1. Promote the education, training and development of labor insertion initiatives for the migrant population.
    3.2. Establish the right conditions for the migrant population to have access to decent housing.
  4. Develop an inclusive and participatory social model.
    4.1. Promote an inclusive educational and cultural model.
    4.2. Promote the associative movement as a reference for the inclusion of migrants.
  5. Promote a model of coexistence and interculturality for all Valencian citizens.
    5.1. Combat racism and discrimination in order to achieve the effective inclusion of the migrant population.
    5.2. Improving knowledge about migration and participation in networks.

The strategy is aimed at Migrants in both regular and irregular administrative situations, applicants and beneficiaries of international protection, minors and migrant women, in order to ensure no one is left behind.

The evaluation of the strategy is carried out through the Joint Commission for the development of the Valencian migration strategy (regulated by a decree of the regional government).

The presentation shared at the Includ-EU workshop 1 is available under this link.

All the documentation of the participatory process can be consulted under this link.

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