Ready for IT programme for NEETs, refugees and migrants

“Ready for IT” is a comprehensive program that develops over several phases. It is open to the most vulnerable categories such as NEETs, refugees and migrants to bring them closer to the IT sector and, possibly, find a job in this area.

In Italy there is a severe shortage of IT qualified professionals. At the same time, in 2022 more than 3 millions of young Italians between 15 and 34 years fell into the NEET* category. And, in 2022 100K+ migrants entered Italy (+55.8% compared to 2021) of which a sizable number with relevant educational backgrounds, experience and a desire to start, or restart, a career in this country.

Therefore, NEET and newcomers with migrant background could provide a solution to such lack of skills, by discovering untapped talents.

The programme, conceived and launched by the Italian Accenture ETS Foundation , is supported, with different roles and contributions, by: Vodafone Italia Foundation, The Human Safety Net, Giordano Dell’Amore Social Venture Foundation, Accenture Italia, Conad ETS Foundation, MBE, agencies of the personnel and Tech companies, and in collaboration with UNHCR Italia.

More than 600 students were trained in Italian and in English, including over 200 refugees, with an employment rate of 70%.

The courses, of 3 and 6 months, are developed on two levels of increasing complexity and are provided by the best Italian Tech Academies (Academy Rapido, Develhope, and others). Participants can attend first level courses free of charge, and possibly continue with second level professional courses, accessible through the ISA-Income Share Agreement tool.

The programme aims to promote the professional career and life of people in fragile conditions such as NEETs and young refugees and migrants. It will build a scalable value chain to enhance their potential, talent and passion, and support these people to give their best contribution to society and at the same time provide an answer to the shortage of IT professionals in Italy.

  • The target of the Ready for IT programme are young people aged between 19 and 35 present in Italy:
  • In conditions of economic and/or social fragility
  • Possibly with higher education or university degree
  • With previous work experience, or with desire, passion, aptitude for IT disciplines
  • Unemployed or part-time workers, who intend to start a career path in the IT sector
  • With a good knowledge of spoken and written English.
  • Foreigners are also required to have a basic knowledge of the Italian language (min B1), a valid residence permit, a work permit in progress or being issued.

Website of the Ready for IT programme:

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