The Human Safety Net

The Human Safety Net was founded in 2017 as Generali’s global initiative for communities. In particular, it extends the purpose of Generali -to allow people to build a safer and more sustainable future by caring for their lives and dreams- to the most vulnerable people.

The Foundation is responsible for funding programmes directly, as well as for supporting Generali’s business units around the world to develop their philanthropic activities within the framework of The Human Safety Net. The Foundation sets the strategic direction for The Human Safety Net and defines its methodologies and approach. It ensures the global coordination between its programmes and works side- by-side with Generali companies and NGO partners, acting as a competence centre. It coordinates financial reporting for all programmes, in accordance with the Business for Societal Impact Framework, collecting and analysing data to understand the community investments of Generali. It is responsible for funding programmes directly and for supporting Generali’s business units around the world.

The Human Safety Net is a non-profit organisation registered under Italian law which receives funds from Generali as well as from third parties. 100% of all donations go directly to the NGO partners of The Human Safety Net. All overhead costs incurred by the Foundation are borne by Generali, including staffing costs.

The Human Safety works with alongside NGO partners, on the “For Families” programme (Supporting parents in the first six years of their children’s lives to lay strong foundations for their future) and the “For Refugees” programme (supporting refugees in paving their own way towards sustainable business and employment.)

The Human Safety Net’s effort is promoted through a venture philanthropy approach. The aim is to forge deep partnerships based on co-creation which extend beyong grant making by mobilising the resources and capabilities of private companies. This is also done by exploring innovative ways for corporations to leverage their core business for social impact.

The Human Safety Net works through three interconnected pathways:

  1. Grant making & capacity building with NGO partners: a connected community of77 NGO partners, 24 countries, in 391 locations
  2. Promoting social innovation: Public and private partnerships, social impact investing, Inclusive insurance solutions
  3. Building an open net of people helping people: Volunteering by Generali employees and agents, using its voice to promote awareness and understanding of the issues, a hub for social dialogue in Venice

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