The migrant women & girls toolbox

The NGO Femmes en détresse A.S.B.L, with the support of the City of Luxembourg developed a toolbox to provide more tailored support to migrant women and girls who survived sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The toolbox is directed at frontline professionals and practitioners working or wishing to work in the context of the reception and integration of migrant communities, in particular of women and girls, whether they are providing medical, psycho-social, legal, administrative, and/or general assistance to these communities.

The toolbox is a comprehensive introductory tool on sexual and gender-based violence affecting migrant women and girls, with both theoretical and practical elements. It is adaptable and suitable in a professional setting but also in a training context.

The toolbox is composed of:
• Four modules on sexual and gender-based violence affecting migrant women and girls
• Four field support annexes with additional practical guidance for professionals (one Annex per module)
• Four training annexes with additional practical guidelines for trainers (one Annex per module)
• Testimonies from female migrants residing in Luxembourg

The presentation shared at the Includ-EU workshop 2 is available under this link.

The toolbox can be downloaded on the Equalcity project website:

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