Training on ethical recruitment

About thirty stakeholders from the Spanish Public Administration and private sector participated in the training.

Training on ethical recruitment Spain

IOM Spain organized a capacity building course focused on the ethical recruitment of migrant workers in the Spanish labour market this November (2021) in the framework of the Includ-EU project.

More than 30 professionals from the Public Administration and the private sector participated in the capacity building activity. Specifically, the Unit Against Immigration Networks and Documentary Falsehoods of the National Police (UCRIF), the Civil Guard, the areas responsible for employment and inclusion of the Community of Madrid, recruitment agencies, as well as various companies active in the community and integration sector.

This training session focused primarily on the ethical recruitment of migrant workers in Spain with the participation of Philip Hunter, head of the Labour migration unit (IOM, Geneva). In addition, IOM Spain worked with participants on the various dynamics of the context, deepening the concept of ethical recruitment and its principles.

The capacity building session also emphasized the importance of migration in the economic infrastructure of host countries, and improved engagement and coordination among all actors involved in migrant recruitment processes.

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