Una casa per l’uomo

Una Casa per l’Uomo is a social cooperative established in 1992 with the main purpose of pursuing the general interest of the community in human promotion, social integration of citizens and the promotion of equal opportunities.

The cooperative promotes projects and services that aim to facilitate the exchange between different cultures, with objectives of cultural and mutual integration, for the enhancement of the person and the development of forms of solidarity. It is in particular active in the field of labour market integration and information to migrants.

Since 2020, the cooperative has been a partner in the project Di.Agr.A.M.M.I. Nord – Rights in Agriculture through Multistakeholder and Multidisciplinary Approaches for Integration and Just Work. A project approved by the Ministry of Labor, within the Notice 1/2019 financed under FAMI and ESF for the Prevention and Contravention of Irregular Labor and Exploitation in the Agricultural Sector is promoted by a very diverse and widespread partnership spanning 8 regions in Northern Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Marche.

The projects envisage the implementation of socio-labour integration interventions aimed at preventing and combating labour exploitation and forced labour in agriculture, the Di.Agr.A.M.M.I. projects represent a proposal of dignity, quality and challenge realised through the protagonism of institutions, social and economic partners and the third sector.

Through the actions of Di.Agr.A.M.M.I. Nord, the commitment on the dissemination and awareness of rights in the field of labor, which the cooperative has been carrying out for years with outreach actions on the territory thanks to the management of the Immigrant Information Desks, has direct impact in the fight against labour exploitation and smuggling.

DIAGRAMS’ activities aim at the emergence of situations of labor exploitation with outreach actions in the province of Treviso and Belluno up to the taking in charge, for a social-work inclusion of the beneficiaries; at the same time, quality farms will be involved for the promotion of fair labor.

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