Video Access to information and orientation services

Meet Mataz, Jasmine and their family

Video Romania

Facilitating the access to information and orientation services is a key determinant of the socio-economic integration of migrants.

For refugees and migrants arriving in Romania it is hard to have simple access to information about how they can find a job, learn the language or get health insurance.

The One Stop Shop, designed as both a digital platform and a physical office by the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, aims to provide migrants with the information they need in order to start their socio-economic integration in Cluj-Napoca.

Watch the video dedicated to the pilot project and meet Mataz, Jasmine Widad and Yahya, who fled Syria because of the war and now live, work and study happily in Romania!

You will find the complete Includ-EU’s video playlist on the IOM – UN Migration YouTube channel.

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