Fourth Includ-EU’s briefing: Labour market inclusion

Analysis of the labour inclusion context for migrants in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

One of Includ-EU’s specific objectives is to enhance local and regional actors’ knowledge and capacities to implement innovative integration measures, including through the analysis of existing good practices and the formulation of thematic policy recommendations.

In line with this, the aim of this briefing is to present the state of Third Country Nationals’ labour market inclusion in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Spain, focusing on possible implications for broader inclusion. This briefing also examines existing good practices contributing to TCNs’ labour market access and skills recognition in the European Union (EU) and formulates policy recommendations on how to improve these aspects further.

This briefing is the result of a collaborative mapping process of successful multi-stakeholder, multi-level, and public-private partnerships in different dimensions of TCNs’ inclusion in the Includ-EU target countries, in line with the new Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-27.

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