Training on migration trends

Over thirty teachers of five Sardinian schools - Italy - attended the training.


IOM Italy launched the first session of a series of six capacity-building trainings within the Includ-EU project on the 1st of December 2021. The online training, addressed to the teachers of five Sardinian schools, provided the participants with an insight into the migration trends.

After an introduction on IOM’s work in Italy and worldwide, the Includ-EU project and the EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion, the training deepened the migration push factors and trends globally, in the Mediterranean and in Italy.

The training was very interactive and surveyed the participants’ perceptions on topics such as the number of migrants recently arrived in Italy by sea and their countries of departure, as well as the number of non-EU residents in Italy, showing a misperception of migration trends.
The last part of the presentation focused on the new and emerging migration trends (Libya, the English Channel, the Poland-Belarus border and Afghanistan).

The conclusion of the training session was dedicated to the comparison of migration trends and rates in Italy and Sardinia, with a special focus on the Sardinian provinces.

Polls and interactions with teachers were very helpful to highlight the impact of media narratives on migration and on the perception of the migratory phenomenon, opening the floor to a fruitful discussion and exchange of opinions and experiences.

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